Any one wants to be a part of a revolution in transportation and saving our planet?

I am inventing a new form of transportation and need some contributions to build the prototype. this the frist car that is run on solar energy and lithuim ion batery we are trying to achieve 600 miles to one gallon of ethonal sponsers welcom All contributions are considered investments please contact me at with questions or inquares.

Umm, this SEEMS to be an effort to cash in on global warming. I would suggest no-one sends any money unless it is officially recognized company.

Besides, this wouldn't be the first solar powered car using lithium ion batteries.
Why not a revolution to save our rite to bear arms.
look into the gm soler car that they built for a race you could probly find it on google i watched a vidio on it in school and they showed you what they did to make it and showed you how to make it so you check that out
What are we going to do?!?Give you some money?!?answer at this e-mail add. or u choose

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