Do CFLs Burn Lamp Shades?

Personally, I love CFLs. I think incandescent bulbs should be banned. I told one of my friends that she should use CFLs. A couple of weeks later she gave me the excuse that they would burn lamp shades. She said someone who worked at a downtown loft building said the CFLs burned their lamp shades. I find this hard to believe since CFLs use less energy and are not nearly as hot as incandescents. Has anyone else had this experience with burnt lamp shades? Is there truth to what she has said, or is she just trying to have an excuse for replacing her lightbulbs?

hasn't yet x 5 yrs! my light bill went to HALF the next month after i replaced all my bulbs!!
I have read the reports of them doing more then burning lamp shades.
a SOME have burned down whole houses.


They are made so cheaply that they are a real fire hazard
buy a name brand US MADE CFL LAMP.

Those wall-mart lamps are dangerus.
You do not know how many places CFLs would not work well at all. Banning the incandescent bulb would be disastrous to a lot of things, including the big rock shows promoting greening the earth!

If the shades contact the arc tubes, which can get quite warm, a flammable shade could catch fire. But this is also true with incandescent lamps. One should make sure that the CFL lamps did not contact the shades same as you would an incandescent; their different shape might be a problem with conventional fixtures.

CFLs give light, but a different spectral distribution, which makes colours seem untrue, and they do contain mercury, which incandescents do not, posing under current laws a disposal problem. And if broken, a health hazard of a type incandescent lamps do not.

They seem to be slightly more fragile while inserting and removing, with the forces concentrated on much smaller glass areas.

They are much heavier with the ballast built in so require more rugged and heavier fixtures, and they cannot be dimmed because of the ballast construction. So not suitable for areas needing variable light levels

And many, if not most, CFLs have low temperature limits, which incandescents do not.

I think that she has gotten some irresponsible data, here-say most likely, and does not know herself. Many people are non-technical by education in our public schools. Reassure her that as long as the shades do not touch or get closer than to a conventional incandescent glass bulb, just as with conventional bulbs, there is no danger of fire. Probably a bit less, even.

Hope this helps set minds at ease.

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