About Tobi Steamer?

Some how i can see some potensial on this idea for envirenment such as without using chemicals soap powder in a washing machine in the future because i can see that the washing machine collect more moist inside the machine like germs and bakteria and even the water are wasted with soap powder for cleaning clothes and where this water go with chemicals go?
I also see that carpet cleaning can also do a potensial of washing dirty clothes but the design i have not yet think of
and it must also use water steam.
I also see that hotell has cabinet that do like a carpet cleaning
but it is expensive for other of having such a muchine in every houses but it can make a different in envirenment if they make cheaper and so the other can join the program of a better invirenment?

Just a theory?

Guess we have to pay the price if we want a better environment . It all has to do with greed, greed and more greed . They sold us all the products that made the pollutions fairly cheap but to clean them up its going to cost you an arm and a leg . Kind of like dealing with the devil isn't it ?
You need to formulate your sentences better and actually ask a question if you would like a response to your inquiry.

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