How come new houses aren't built with solar panels?

With the ecology craze in full swing (electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells, recycling) You would think they would start building homes with solar panels, but you do you see any such thing going on? No..

Simple it would either have to be forced onto the buyer or the buyer would have to pay for them and Solar panels aren't cheap mind you. And really the person probably doesn't even give a crap about thier Impact on the Environment. It's too bad more celebrites wouldn't realize that charity is key to becoming famous and getting more business. Like someone should start a show Extreme home makeover where all the building is done Green and Eco-friendly.
Funny you should ask. Check this out

Lennar Homes is building -Another- community they already have several.
Solar panels are expensive. People should pressure government officials to provide more tax benefits for renewable energy so it is affordable. Meanwhile, there are other ways to save energy, like switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and installing more insulation.
People who say that solar panels are not cheap are ignoring the fact that they would in fact be cheap if everyone used them.

I'm not an Al Gore fan, but I've been a fan of the environment since before he was in politics.
The problem with solar panels is the same problem with all alternative, home based energy supplies. Since you need a stable energy supply even when the sun doesn't shine, there is an additional VERY large expense for energy storage (the batteries and DC/AC inverter cost more than the solar panels). The only alternative is becoming part of a load following energy network.

With more energy supply companies being pressured by govt to put in smart meters (you get paid for the excess energy you produce and supply to the grid) it might become less expensive and more popular in the near future.

New technologies are being developed all the time. There is even a company in Michegan (I think its in Michegan, if I recall correctly) that has developed solar roofing shingles. A professor at U of Toronto is developing a solar paint (that would help add some mpg to hybrids if it works well). Lots of eco-products are coming onto the market.

Write to your representitive and tell him you are willing to pay the increased cost of being green and maybe it will happen faster.

Keep your fingers crossed and open your checkbook. Until you are willing to do that you will have to be patient.

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