You ever wonder why...?

Even in the 80's there were solar powered calculators. Why isn't solar power used more often for your electronics like ipod, cell phone, hearing aids, ect. ?

Calculators don't require as much energy to run. So the limited capability of solar power is sufficient. But for more extensive use, collecting solar power involves complications in that it often takes more resources to extract the energy than it produces.

People are still trying to find ways to make it more practical, but even solar power in homes can be more expensive to set up than the energy produced and saved. Technological advances are still being pursued in related concepts, such as fuel cells, so perhaps better alternatives will develop using a combination of solar power or other natural sources that help reduce pollution.
no one ever goes outside.. =/
because thats not very pracitcal.
You may be on to something here.
Because it doesn't work that good and most people keep stuff like that in pockets so there would be no light reaching it to use it.
I wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt the competitors in industry fuelling the stigma with solar to stay in business. Fair thought though and one which will hopefully see the solar trend rise.
You'd probably need a solar collector a couple feet across to run an iPod or a cell phone. It's not practical and would be very expensive.

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