Are LED light bulbs more energy efficiant than CFF's?

also cost efficiant

the problem is that currently, LEDs cannot be used for room illumination.
they just do not produce enough light.
so the question is largely irrelevant.
Yes. LED bulbs use less energy than CFL's and they will last longer. And.. they don't cost any more than the CFL...

The problem is the LED bulbs tend to be very "directional" Good for spotlights... not so good for general room lighting.
led lights operate on microamps, vs CFLs that use amps. There are some very excellent led lights, but they are about $30.00+. They will last a very, very long time, however. So payback is probably there. They are very good to use in hard to reach places.
LEDs are super efficient. We swapped out all of the traffic lights the city I work for to LEDs. The power bill was decreased by 90 percent.
Energy efficient yes, cost efficient ... mmmaybe. For the amount of light produced it takes a lot more energy and material to produce LEDs than CFLs. (sounds like the Hummer vs. Prius argument but it's a more honest comparison) Many LEDs have to burn out before the light is no longer functional, but a single LED light bulb is many, many tiny LEDs; it is a more complex manufacturing process.

As Jeff W said, his city replaced all the traffic lights with LEDs, which I bet was VERY expensive, even though they use 1/10 of the power it will take years to recover the cost in electricity.

If you asked the city comptroller I'd be willing to bet that the labor cost of replacing a single burned out conventional bulb in a traffic light makes the cost of switching over to more reliable LEDs worth it.
Surprisingly, not yet. They are getting there, but CFL's are still better. Part of the confusion is that tests have not measured the different kinds of bulb in equivalent ways.
The newest ones in labs are. However they aren't being produced yet. The ones you can find in stores to replace common light bulbs typically give off about 1/12th of the light of a CFL. It would be like replacing a 100 watt light bulb with a 5 watt light bulb and then charging 25% of the running costs.

CFLs are more cost efficient than anything you can buy in LED right now. There is another generation of LED lights in laboratories and they will be better than current bulbs.

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