Are we going to have a summer this year?

Apparently on the news this morn', no!..
I hope so!
: /
Global warming = Summer all day long :)
If like me you are in the UK, you're looking at summer! (through the window covered in rain)
We've had it haven't we??
We still have time yet, dont give in yet.
i hope so:( probably today in central london its summer and sort of warm
No. The groundhog saw his shadow and summer was called off this year.
Apparantly yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, but I don't know >_<
I think you are due to get storms and frost, so I have heard.
i hope so...
August you wait and see !
It sure dosen't look like it, never seen it so bad.
It does not look like summer here, in Lithuania, either. Waiting for August.
No due to Global Warming were not having a summer it's been cold and rainy here since May!!!.
We already did - it was a Tuesday!
No to your question but buy plenty of rain wear, wellies and a dinghy in case you need to get out lol
may be maybe not might do might not could do could not
in other words i dont know

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