Is there more children(birth-17) than adults(18-..) on earth?

i all ways wondered..

adults..18+ is a bigger range
1/4 of US citizens are under 18, as reported by NPR recently, so extapolate that and it will be similar around the world.
If you really want to know, go to differnt countries websites, and search for population statistics.
this is individual in all countries
and you will have to go to each to check it out
for example In the Netherlands ,many couples do not have children and if they do i think it is 1.5.
also lots of gay mariages

I was living with the Mazateccas and they got 15+ per family ,

Condoms i handed out to the families were retrieved by the church ,and the farmers are forced to deforest their tropical mountain sides to plant maize on mad steep slopes to feed their big families (the plots are only good for a couple of years before landslides destroy them causing ireversable erosion)
I saw no Priests among the workers

Humanity is breaking the first law of Nature;...
In the USA a recent study shows there are more older baby boomers and much fewer young people. The rest of the world may be different.

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