Most money made from Recycling?

I just started to recently, and I was doing beer bottles but it didn't pay I had 60 lbs and got $7.00. So I am switching my attn to more cans.

Currently you will get the most money for recycling metals of all sorts.

Call your local Recycling Center and ask them how much they pay per pound of metal. Copper is the highest right now in all the U.S. as the other poster pointed out, but its not just laying around. Aluminum is decently priced, and people throw cans out a lot.

If you are willing to dumpster dive or reach an arrangement with local bars or pubs, you can find a large amount of aluminum as Budweiser has started making 16 oz. aluminum bottles. Red Bull is also very popular, but a small can. I work at a bar and I collect the aluminum, gets me about $25 extra a week, but we also have good sales.

$10.00 why??
aluminum cans are always your best bet. The scrap value of aluminum is much better than glass or paper. really, copper is the most profitable to be recycled, but it isnt like there is a lot of copper just laying around to be recycled.
When we tore down our garage, i recycled the copper wiring and 1 rubbermaid tub full paid $30.
Start collecting cans.
Probably not quite what you are looking for, but once, I bid a job to clean out a garage and back yard for a house that was about to be sold. I knew it had some angle iron around the garage and figured I could price the job fairly low and make a little bit of money on the rusty metal. When I finished, I had loaded two trailer loads of steel. When I took this the scrap dealer, I received $360 just for the metal. Not too bad since it more than doubled what I had originally bid for the job. That was approximately 7,200 pounds of steel and scrap steel was at a fairly high 0.05 cents per pound.

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