All these years we knew about global warming and all they could come up with was a lousy carbon tax?

Global warming may be real, but I'm calling bullsh*t if they expect me to believe this is all they could come up with.

Yes, redistribution of wealth from the poor to the very rich! There has been so much waste and illegality and misconduct that the best thing to do with Carbon Credits is to bury them to take their carbon out of circulation!

But the politicians we elect and have elected will not let that happen, since their greedy little fingers are in the pot too. This is what we get for voting for rich men who spend mostly other's monies to get into office.

Global warming is real, and it is natural and normal for this general time in the Earth's life cycles. The history of the glacial cores shows this, and also reportedly shows CO2 rises naturally come AFTER the temperature rise! A thing I have not yet heard refuted!!

So the CO2 as the driver is not valid science based on the past history of hundreds of thousands of years. And not sure what has changed in the earth's natural responses.

What can we do? Well, throw off the yoke of IPCC, UN, and Political repression, and take control. We can live with Global Warming. I know a way to control it, too, if really needed, that we proved half a decade ago!.

Conservation is always good, but conservation in a panic is seldom effective. Anything in a panic whipped up by demagogs who say we must do this right now when the earth has been going through these cycles for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years and even Polar Bears survived, is not logical nor likely to be effective!! People in panic tend to make very rash decisions, like rushing back into a burning house for a small treasure.

We need to get input from sane and rational people who are not involved in special interest groups, and purge out the scientists who value political correctness over real science.

We need, for example, to evaluate if it is sane to believe we can build a dike in the time left to keep the Force 6 Hurricanes out of New Orleans, which is being rebuilt below sea level again. Which in my opinion is totally stupid technically, even if wonderfully politically!

Holland is mentioned, but we have not kept up with their methods, and I noted they have had to have THREE dikes built to assure safety, and these are not near what I think we would need to protect New Orleans now. Hurricanes and the surges from them do not hit Holland; however if we had been building for as long as Holland New Orleans might well have not gone under!

Politics and disregard for careful science were the major reasons for the New Orleans fiasco; either we learn or it will be repeated, in spades.

And had politicians not sat on their tails and yammered at each other, the loss of life and property would have been much less...have we not learned what Politics does to such situations?? Even yet?!

I'd start now building Newer New Orleans back on high ground, and lay it out as a modern city, with trees, avenues, open spaces, high-speed transit, all that we now know about good city planning. And gradually scrap the old city and use the parts, probably re-smelted, for the new, Re-smelting uses much less energy than making new!

We know our mistakes, let's not keep them!! Or build more in the same dangers! Be stupid to do that.

We know the total ice if it all melted, and where the new ocean lines would sit. So prepare those areas for shallow sea farming for more food, and start teaching aquaculture to our students, as well as agriculture. We can get a head start on the future, by starting now.

many more things I can think of.

But the first step is to quell the panic I hear, curtail the scalawags, and present a sane people with a workable plan we can build in steps as needed to live with the earth as it develops and help others to live with it too.

If we plan in steps, no major emergency expenditures need be made, our industries will be working but not overloaded, and we will be ready to move people slowly as the warming effects dictate.

In the past, history would seem to indicate people did not freeze in panic, nor did political groups present doomsday scenarios to the public...they just expanded society and culture as new lands became available, and prospered, and a culture that has plenty of food and does not require full-time work from everybody has time for cultural improvements, art, new sciences, aesthetic things the human soul really needs.

I think we CAN head this way, but not without a lot of screaming and posturing and maybe threatening and more, from those who want to profit from panic and rash hasty actions right now. And care not really for the future of the Earth and the Civilization on it.

Look carefully at who is proposing and doing what, and their own personal lives as to if they do as they preach. If not, expose them, and get better folks in who will propose sane and possible measures, and an expansion of society and freedom and culture, not huddling around tiny fires in fear of the enforcers.

Remember the Dark Ages, when government and science and a form of religion cooperated with a poor educational system to repress mankind for hundreds of years. Do we want a modern repeat?
carbon tax and carbon credits are both means of wealth redistribution nothing more.
To stop Global Warming requires that we reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide to less than one tenth of what those emissions are today.

We would destroy the economies all of the countries of the world if we attempted to do something like that.

Many countries would not cooperate with any reduction in their carbon dioxide emissions. The People's Republic of China has stated very clearly that they will not reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and in fact they will increase them.

Essentially it is not possible to get the kinds of reductions you need in carbon dioxide emissions that you need to stop Global Warming.

Fortunately you can mitigate the effects of Global Warming at reasonable cost.

The sea levels will rise. The coastal areas can be protected from flooding by dike systems similar to those in Holland.

Hurricanes will become stronger and more frequent. We need to help the affected areas upgrade their disaster preparedness.

Droughts will become more frequent. We will need to help the affected areas with supplemental water supplies.

We cannot stop Global Warming. fortunately we can mitigate the effects of Global Warming at reasonable cost if we start now.
I agree! No one has explained to me just how this will cool the sun or stop volcanoes and such from emitting CO2.
vtjames33 is exactly correct. It is a way for the United Nations to gain substantially increased control over the world.
Further action doesn't have the public support. Governments are notoriously slow to act, particularly when there's not widespread support for action.

We need governments to institute carbon cap and trade systems, but will the public stand for it? Not only must we be able to stand it, but demand it.
lol its funny to me because the people who believe global warming is real , believe we will all be washed away in a tidal wave and the earth will be like the movie waterworld when all is said and done . And what does paying money for a carbon tax do to stop this ?

Anyway heres a fact for you - I bet you didn't know that Al Gore defends his extraordinary personal energy usage by telling critics he maintains a "carbon neutral" lifestyle by buying "carbon offsets ," but the company that receives his payments turns out to be partly owned and chaired by the former vice president himself !!

Yep the company that issuses carbon tax is chaired by Al Gore , personally I find the man to be a brillant crook .
Well, what methods would you come up with to get people to reduce driving, electricity, and other energy use? Remember change costs money.
Ah, but you do not understand the true agenda. The power to tax is in fact the power to control and/or destroy. What is actually being taxed is not carbon, but your use of inexpensive, available energy. Once this proverbial thin end of the wedge has been inserted (you figure out where). The Socialists and their ilk (i.e. the liberal elite) will have achieved their age long goal of putting the government in complete control of every aspect of our lives. Each year the "carbon" tax will be ratcheted up making the use of energy and the freedom it gives prohibitively expensive until only the very rich (for example Al Gore or George Soros) can afford it. The rest of us will then be at their mercy and will have to accept what ever they choose to ram down (or up) us.
Start paying your carbon taxes with Charcoal Briquettes and see how long that lasts.

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