Are the LORAX, RANGER RICK, and SMOKEY BEAR still helpful to have around?

characters like these help to educate youngsters about the environment. they can also trivialize the message as time goes on: adolescents might seem to think they've outgrown a need to learn about our effects on the environment once they're too old for 'cartoons'.

is it better to use characters like this to educate kids about the environment, or would it be smarter to use real-life experts, teachers, or celebrities whose message won't be so easily 'outgrown'?

i still remember the crying indian commercial, more than anything else from my youth.

I see no problem, and I think the updating to make them slick cartoons can be a bad thing...then they lose their individuality.

Celebrities? Then the kids learn mostly hypocracy and how to out-slick others to get money and prestige! Worst possible linkages. Witness Al Gore and his shenanigans!! Witness Paris and her tantrums about being called to justice for breaking laws!! This is not what children especially should be taught.

Experts might be good if they are not experts with an ax to grind, but present the topics fully and fairly. I would fear "experts" with agendas, so need to be sure of them.

Teachers are better since they work with the children and can tailor the presentations to the level of the children. But again, be careful because many teachers have agendas and are trained how to mold the children's opinions, not how to present fairly and correctly.

Adolescents need the approaches of experts or respected teachers, if such still exist, and they also need to have learned a willingness to learn. If they have been properly educated in how to think and evaluate in the lower schools, they can be given facts from all sides and weigh and evaluate.

Unfortunately, in the schools of today, the teaching of evaluating and separating propaganda from facts is seldom taught, so children are open to demagogs who present false but good looking solutions.

And even a "neutral" cartoon like Bambi has caused millions of dollars damage and loss of lots of lives from those who loved Bambi and do not know how to properly weight little Bambi with the adult deer who run in front of cars, wrecking the cars and often killing or injuring the drivers. Deer numbers need to be controlled! And deer fences set up to keep deer off major highways! But the Bambi-lovers do not want this...until their car is wrecked and perhaps a relative killed in the wreck!

I do not mind gentle cartoon characters, provided that children outgrow them and learn solid unbiased facts also, so they can evaluate as thinking adults.

Hmmm...come to think of it, we have no courses in critical thinking in the schools generally; a deplorable lack.
YES !! We should still keep them!

Me and my friends still sing the Captain Planet theme song. I still have a copy of the Lorax in my book collection, in fact a friend of mine can recite it from memory. And I am 25 years old.

Sadly, we can't convince everyone that the environment is important to protect. But if we can engage some of our children today with these characters, hopefully that message of conservation and protection will stick with them all there lives.

I know it has stuck with me, and now I am a Park Ranger.
yeah.. Ronald McDonald should "pitch in" too...

I learned all about the "war on terror" years before it existed in real life... remember how He-Man was always trying to stop the power sword or some other evil from, "getting into the wrong hands"? It was a cold war theme then.. GI Joe the same... kids love cartoons and "doing the right thing"... they're suckers to commercialism... plus parents love sticking their kids in front of TV as babysitters...

Lorax rocks!.. dunno so much about Ranger Rick... Smokey is a National treasure tho! His mom died in a real fire, that's sad.
The Lorax had the most lasting impression on me, Bambi, too.

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