"every person has worth". can you apply this statement to the world of nature?

what would the NEW statement be? what would it mean?

this question is not very clear

By the world of Nature

do you mean the use of animals in Nature ,all being components in the eco systems and all having specific functions ?


Apart from the fact that many animals serve as food for people

Animals In Nature have jobs ,each full fills a function in their respective eco -systems

some examples are
squirrels plant trees ,so do many birds

bees and other insects polinate

el├Ęphants ,wild pigs ,clear jungle for new growth

crocodiles, lions and other predators are quality and quantity control ,they take out the excesses ,the sick and the stupid

many animals are vital parts in the food chains

grazing animals trim the prairries like gardeners

fish keep the waters clean from contamination

and scavengers like vultures and crows make sure their are no rotting carcasses to spread disease on the land

etc etc

each animal ,insect ,plant already is an expert and a specialist at the job , the have been alocated by Nature

so leave the animals alone they are all busy keeping the Environment in top condition
whilst Humans are doing everything to screw it up
Every living being has worth? It refers to that they have an inherent value. This does not allow them to be priced solely by what they are attributed.

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