Why do we need environmental regulation?

Because big business left to its own will always cut costs. Cleaning up industrial waste costs money and leads to higher prices for consumer goods leading to lower sales. Therefore the government HAS to step in to FORCE industries to clean up smoke, water, solid waste prior to dumping it into the environment. If they don't do it, industry will not do it on their own. They have no motive to do it. With the founding of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1969 we began to see rivers, lakes, ponds, land fills, air, and forests cleaned up greatly from the polluted state they were in prior to that time.
why don't you look that up. when you find the answer, let me know and i will be relieved that you aren't as dumb for asking that question when you could have just looked it up yourself.
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Because the greedy people running companies would pollute the planet if it would save them a few bucks.
global warming. not good for the environment.
because someone has to be accountable for the problems that may arise...

someone has to be in charge of what is leaching into our drinking water tables from dumps.. from municpalities, etc etc..

someone has to make sure the water is safe to drink.. and that the people doing the testing are doing it properly..
otherwise you'll end up with something like wakerton

your obviously doing some sort of school report on this (i answered your other questions) using what happened in walkerton ontario in canada.. would be a good example of why we need regulations..
its also a good example of how the regs changed.. :)

so hopefully that helps with your project
We need environmental regulations to protect the environment and ultimately the public from waste, destruction and poisoning of our water, air and lands that can come when short-term thinking and profits drive decision making, whether it be on the personal, corporate or governmental level. Environmental regulation does not eliminate some the negative impact on our environment but seeks to balance it with other human and market needs. We do not have to look back very far in history to see how unregulated market forces have lead to communities with air that was unbreathable and certainly today we still can find examples of battles between citizens and corporations over the release of byproducts into the environment that are alleged to be putting people living nearby at serious risk for quality of life and later health problems.

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