A new color scheme: how can we best apply GREEN changes to BROWNfields?

effectively making brownfields (decayed vacant urban areas polluted and uninhabitable) usable again is a big undertaking. usually the cost is borne by developers or communities (that would be tax dollars.) the advantage in re-using these places is that they're centrally located and accessible, typically with utilities nearby or in place, and they fulfill the need for more available land without having to add to urban sprawl.

ideally, what would be a specific way to re-use these centrally located brownfields and apply environmental ideals to them? how would you present your 'ideals' to councils or developers in a persuasive way? how could we make brown green again?

more info from wisconsin.

How about setting them aside for modern solar panel array systems like the one in Beverly, MA? Add a few wind turbines to supplement the system's nighttime energy output and everyone in the nearby community can benefit from added energy put back into the power grid, perhaps resulting in the lowering of local utility rates?
The fact is phytoremediation takes a much longer time to clean up the contaminants than industrial treatment; also in the beginning of the process, the site should be kept free of human or pets, which means even if the sites are developed into well designed parks, they will still need some time to be used as public space, and in today's fast going society, city councils are not likely to sit around and wait. unless there's advancing in phytoremediation technology to accelerate the speed of recovery, it's hard to be convincing.
The "Three R's" Restrict deed usage.

Restore the property - excavate the most hazardous pollution, cap and backfill.

Rebuild as needed.

A few in this area have become housing, business incubation units, playgrounds/parks/ballfields.

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