Yesterday, saw the first refugees, as a result of global warming. Are you bothered?

2000 islanders became the first people to be evacuated from an island, because of rising water. The island has virtually disapeared over a period of time.

How long until the next evacuation?

I suppose that there will need to be quite a few evacuations more before things will drastically change. I listen to the news over here quite a bit, but so far it hasn't been covered by the media at all. It will probably have to become a big problem and the right wing supporters would have to start getting worried that "we will be swamped by refugees to scrounge of our social benefit system" before big money is going to be put into environmental preservation. Very sad indeed.*t aint global warming
who knows....?
I hear Al Gore is infuriated.
i think in few more months!yes i am bothered.
what is the source of your information, which island
any excuse eh?..i bet they left their taps running on purpose!
the problem is that the earth history is unpredictable ,it could be normal ,the earth has had many changes over billion of years ,its reconstructing itself according the nature and add human factors,like a protective mechanism ,god has given it this power like humans to defend disease have immunity
I'm very bothered, but its gonna take such a change by everyone and so people (my friend) cant be bothered to recycle and like to take 3 holidays on a plane a year. Makes me SO angry !!!!!
What are you talking about?
am I I Bovered
Ill get fillin sand bags then
Im annoyed what if I ever wanted 2 visit that island, now i need to go now or never.
I am not saying that global warming does not exist but it is not the reason for the dramatic changes in the weather in the past couple of years.
This year 2007 has seen some very strange occurrences in weather for example 70 degree weather in Maine in January.
the reason for this is not global warming like you will take hundreds of years for global warming to have this effect on our weather.
One of the reasons is El Nino
But the major reason of the unpredictable weather is the earthquake that caused the tsunami in Indonesia.
The Magnitude of that quake was so intense that it made the earth wobble and they actually had to reset the time on the atomic clock 2 seconds to compensate for the shift in the earths balance.
This is the reason for this weather not global warming.
hopefully the quicker the better. and who can prove its global warming. is that what they said when atlantis sunk? I DONT THINK SO!
it was really scary to see how quickly the water was rising around them.

i dont know if it can all be put down to global warming. I know we as humans are having a huge effect on the environment but whos to say this woudnt have happened naturally. Humans werent the cause of the ice age were they?!

Istill think we should all be very concious of what we are doing to our planet so we dont malke it worse!!

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