ADVANTAGES of HYDROGEN as an alternative fuel?

20 Advantages of Hydrogen off the top of my head!!

1 It's the cleanest when burned - water vapor

2 It's non-toxic

3 Compressed hydrogen gas is safer than liquid fuels in accidents

4 It has more energy pound for pound than any of the alternates

5 It can be made in a great many ways

6 The oil industry already uses 1/3 of what we would need to run the whole country on it as an additive to their gasoline to get the desired octane ratings

7 It can in a short time replace fossil fuels completely

8 It works in your existing engines-better than existing fuels

9 It doesn't produce any CO2

10 If derived from fossil fuels the carbon from the fossil fuels can be removed and made into golf clubs or better cars or lots of improved products

11 #10 can be accomplish if landfill gases and biowaste are the feedstock for hydrogen production

12 It doesn't take a growing season to make hydrogen

13 It can replace not only gasoline but also diesel, natural gas, propane to be used in generators, cars, trucks, planes, trains, home heating, home cooking, home hot water

14 It's waste product can be used once condensed back to water for drinking (chemically pure water)

15 It can be used to balloon

16 It's the most abundant element in the universe

17 About 9% of our bodies is hydrogen

18 When spilled it rapidly disperses upward minimizing the exposure time to ignition

19 CHEAPEST - sunshine and waste products for inputs (once the capital investment - which has a minimal life of 20 years and potentially out over a 100 years)

20 Longest storage capacity - hydrogen molecule can be contained in polyethylene plastic with a 50% loss over an 18month time span and can be stored INDEFINITELY in steel tanks without spoilage
no advantages.
its better 4 are enviroment but have adelema we make hidrogen booms if a hydrogen car explodes wood it make an explosion = 2 a hydrogen boom that wood be badddddd
It is a very dangerous gas. The atom is so small it will leak through any thing. If u have an exposing it will be bad.
It doesn't produce CO2 if you believe that to be an advantage.

However, hydrogen must be produced from something (unless you collect it from the gasses coming off crude oil) therefore something else is still the energy source.

Producing it from water requires alot of energy, therefore you must account for where you got all that energy.
Even if hydrogen is manufactured by the burning of fossil fuel, that process is less polluting than a small inefficient gasoline burning engine under a car hood. And the burning of hydrogen fuel itself is pretty low in emissions which is primarily due to combustion heat causing reactions among other elements in the air. Ultimately the goal is to manufacture hydrogen fuel by means other than burning fossil fuel, such as solar, wind or nuclear power. I'm not sure whats keeping a big hydrogen plant from going up in the desert where wind and sunlight is plentiful. Probably uneasiness over future potential for profits.
All kinds of advantages No " BOOM " lol and its only highly explosive if its mixed with oxygen . Any flammable gas that is mixed with oxygen is highly explosive .

Take at look at this site all kids of information about hydrogen
There are basically no advantages if the electricity to produce hydrogen comes from burning fossil fuels. But, if the electricity comes from nuclear power or from solar power, than hydrogen has trememdous advantages. It releases no greenhouse gases when it burns. The only by product is water. And, it's actually not as dangerous as gasoline. If you get a gasoline leak, it runs out onto the ground and spreads rapidly, creating an immediate and spreadable fire hazard. If you get a hydrogen leak, it goes straight into the atmosphere, and produces limited fire hazard.

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