Can eco-friendly bulbs be use upside ceiling fans?

Yes, you can use them just like the old fashioned light bulbs.
No problem
I don't see why not, the lights are basically vacumetubes with a filiment just like a regular light bulb
Yes you can, im using them to see right now
Yes of course you can
CF's are great even outside.
Yes - I have them in my ceiling fan and they work great upside down. I also have one upside down in my light outside my door - the thing has lasted for years! (I think that one was made by Sylvania). Some of the cheaper ones that I bought from K-mart (4-pack) did eventually burn out, so I would definitely consider a good quality company.
Yes! I use them everywhere in my home! Never had any problems at all with them. Even have them outside in my porch light which is not reccomended by the manufacturer because of cold weather but so far i haven' t had any problems with that either, I don't use my outside light that much.
I've used them without a problem. I'm not running the fan during the winter so I'm not sure if they'll continue to work once the fan is running due to the vibration.

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