How can you enjoy nature without destroying it :) ?

Ideas and examples, please. :)

Thank you for your answer! :) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

hi moon!

if you can imagine a philosophy of 'leave no trace', it will help to illustrate what you describe. while observing, stay discrete so as to not disturb wildlife as they go about their lives. human impact can be disruptive to their food gathering, habitat, and reproduction. remember that the whole of nature is one large system and we don't always notice the connections. simply snapping a twig off a tree may deprive a small animal of a place to rest while hiding from a predator. kicking a clod of loose dirt down an embankment might begin serious erosion of valuable habitat. it sounds trivial, but it serves to illustrate that, you never know what impact your actions will have.

enjoy and observe! part of the delight in the natural world comes from noticing patterns that occur, and patterns of patterns. a written journal can be invaluable in helping you remember small details you've seen or heard while among the wild. see and take in everything with your eyes, your ears, and your mind. move deliberately and quietly... one of the best strategies for observing wildlife and habitats is to locate yourself and stay perfectly still for a long while. as you 'become' part of the wild world, you may find it becoming more accessible to you!
You're kidding ... right? You think you have to destroy nature to enjoy it? Snap out of it! What parallel universe are you living in?
I always eat what I kill.
Well summer is here, and there's plenty of opportunities that you can take advantage of to enjoy nature!

There is many places to camp, and even if it may be far away, I like the fact how you can actually "get-away" to enjoy your summer.

Here are some quick tips to enjoy nature:
1) Going on trails -- enjoying a natural walk in the woods and birdwatching and looking at the land is probably my favourite. Just don't pick any plants (in Parks flowers and plants are protected), make any fires, or litter.

2) Swimming in the lake! Swimming has many advantages. Its fun, its enjoying nature, and it improves your health (it supposedly makes you taller, and it works out your body!).
Just remember not to litter, and swim in *clean* lakes =)

3) Camp out!
You don't need to be a nature know-it-all to camp! Just remember to bring everything you need and don't damage any wildlife!

There is so much more simple things to do!
Walking in the park is only one small example.
Open your mind to what your neighbourhood has for you nature-wise :)

Have a wonderful weekend + summer!

Hope I helped in some way! <3
Go hiking or camping in the woods (not a campground),and don't beat down vegetation on the trail if you don't have to . O , and if you hike it in hike it out (no trash) trees don't make trash we do . Try not to pick flowers for the sake of it' allot of the flowers , and plants that live in the deep woods take longer to grow under the shade of trees . So don't harvest like your in a field.
Visit it, particularly in places which are less popular. For a vacation go to a National Monument like Arches instead of a National Park like the Grand Canyon.

Grow a natural garden in your backyard with local plants instead of a water and fertilizer demanding lawn.

Learn about it from books and videos like "Planet Earth".

Ride a mountain bike on trails which are designated for bikes.
'Take only photographs and leave only footprints', is the credo of the considerate camper.
Hi Moon,
I started answering this, the phone rang, and now I've just read Patsky's answer and it has made me think even more!
I love nature. We always 'escaped to the countryside' when we were younger by camping miles away from anywhere and just thoroughly enjoying the peace, quiet, tranquility of being outdoors. I feel so in touch with 'whatever it is that's out there' I call it God, when I am close to nature.
I now live miles away from anywhere and can step outside and nature is all around me. I so love it. I would hate to feel I was doing anything to destroy nature. However, reading Patzky's comments about breaking a twig off a tree makes me realise too how easy it would be to disturb the environment for other creatures.
One problem in our area at the moment is grey squirrels. There used to be so many red squirrels we would see them on the roadside busily collecting/hiding food etc. for years. Recently grey squirrels have come into the area and there are only a handful of red squirrels left. We are setting up meetings with Wildlife Trusts so we can be informed about what we can do to try to save our red squirrels.
A great question Moon. Now I'm going off too, for something to eat!
Study up on Native Americans, you'll find your answer there.
OHHH... Wonderful!! I am loving these questions I am finding today!

Add to nature !! By creating a pond complete with stocking fish for the wildlife to enjoy and feed from. Any tree limbs cleared from the area can be placed in an area of the pond to create a breeding grounds for the fish to inhabit.

Add nature trails that wind and bend through the dense parts of the wooded areas, allowing for more of it to be cared for by easy access, as well as seeing more of the beautiful plants/bushes/trees that inhabit the areas. Adding climbing ropes to steep grades such as hills is excellent exercise and a way to get to those hard to reach areas of land to monitor activity on the land.

Use the dieing trees by chipping them up into a mulch and spreading the chips under the trees that need to conserve water so they promote large fuller branches to shade their own grounds.

Clear out any infected trees and burn them, one tree disease can spread to many more trees being damaged and sometimes killed prematurely.

Living among the trees and nature is a responsibility, as well as a pleasure. No one can take care of all the wild, but they can enjoy it without destroying it by nurturing what they have in their surroundings instead of disposing of it.
Set up a bird feeder where you can see it from your kitchen window.

Hiking or camping in a National Park.

My all time favorite is to go puddle stomping just after a rain.
Pick up the mess when they leave & never cut the trees down because nature needs them bad
australia raped our land rivers & oceans in the short 200 years we have been here & destroyed a huge part of australia allowing huge amounts of trees to be chain dragged down & now its just a dust bowl in parts of australia so lobby for your country to be preserved for ever as much as possible
Just a nice easy bush walk... you want to come?
strolling on the riverbanks park, camping and swimming in the beach
Clean up twice as much debris as you brought in.
i am a fisherman and when i go fishing if i pack anything to where i am going i always try to pack it out. i am constantly seeing used fishing line every where,where a bird or other animal could get tangled up in it
Look but Don't Touch!

Go on a Hike.. take Pictures!
When you go into natural places don't leave your trash, bring it out with you. Don't collect souvenirs, they belong to nature. Don't pick or destroy anything. Do take a camera and lots of film so you can bring back innocent memories of what you see. Live and let live.

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