Are we all going to die??!! Its up to Gore to save us isn't it!!?

Global warmings gunna kills us all!

Run for your lives! Save yourself! Sell all east and west coast property you own! Give all your money to the Democrats, they will know what to do.
we are still going to die at the end of they day so instead of dying from something that we could or can prevent.why don't we just help our environment and not be ignonrant fools.
be careful. if you don't verbalize the right thoughts, someone might call you an ignorant fool.
yeh right..tell me why Gore doesn't sell his oil stocks..why is he profitting off of global warming? He's a hypocrit
NO! There are more scientists coming out against Gore's movie. One scholar actually had to sue the panel to have his name removed from the study. If you track the weather in relation to solar flares you will see that if follows the temp changes ,up and down, of the earth much closer.
Also check

You match all three criteria (see link)
Gore is full of hot air! He needs to focus on his own family and fix that before he can save any thing else.
Ha!! Grizz that is a good link!!
I agree with you.
All who honor the Prophet Al Gore (peace be upon him) will be saved.
You ignorant fool.

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