Morally sound petrol in the UK??

Okay so the ideal solution would be to stop buying petrol full stop- if only I could, but I've been trying to figure out which source of petrol is the least.
With various environmental agencies asking us to boycott ESSO becuase of climate change, Shell because of human rights infringements in Nigeria, Total because it's Burmese owned, BP involved in human rights infringements in Colombia and Indonesia... is there anywhere I can buy petrol without feeling worse than I have to!!
Does anyone know anymore about where supermarkets source their petrol? Or any of the major retailers who include biothanol in their products?

Please don't force your guilt complex on the rest of us. God designed these resources for us to use and use responsibly as a caretaker. There is evidence that oil is a renewable resource but you won't hear that from the media. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one and be objective. Don't fall for the easy lie out there. Everyone is trying to make you feel guilty about using our resources. It's bogus and a lie.
Terror-Free Gas,2933,2497...

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