Are there facts that support global warming beiong a natural cause?

I'm not looking for opinions. Ijust ened to know if there is anything suporting that particular theory.

Your best source of factual scientific data on this subject is the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

There are both natural causes and human activity that cause Global Warming and Climate change.

To eliminate the component caused by humans we would have to cut our world wide emissions of carbon dioxide by at least 90%, essentially to one tenth or less than what they are today, world wide.

To achieve that amount of reduction would require that we shut down our modern society and return to a stone age hunter gatherer existence.

That is not a realistic scenario.

Fortunatley we can mitigate the effects of Global Warming relatively easily and inexpensively if we start now.

The sea levels will rise. Fortunately low lying areas at risk of flooding can be protected by dike systems similar to those in Holland.

Hurricanes will be stronger and more frequent.

We need to help the poor countries upgrade their disaster preparedness programs.

Droughts will be more frequent.

We need to help the poor countries with supplemental water supplies and desalination plants.

We cannot prevent Global Warming, but we can mitigate the effects of Global Warming relatively easily and inexpensively if we start now.
There's room for argument. We know that the Earth heats up and cools down in somewhat regular cycles, due to the variations in Earth's orbit around the sun and the sun's varying brightness. The planet has been thorugh this cycle many times. And not too long ago a lot of scientists were worried about a new ice age, so sme skepticism is understandable. So I can see why some people would have doubts. But I'm not one of them.
Opinions, yes, Facts, no.

If a theory doesn't include greenhouse gases as the major cause in global warming, the numbers don't match the observed data. Here's am appropriate quote. Note the very important word "quantitative".

"There's a better scientific consensus on this [climate change] than on any issue I know... Global warming is almost a no-brainer at this point. You really can't find intelligent, quantitative arguments to make it go away."

Dr. Jerry Mahlman, NOAA

You can check the skeptical opinions expressed here at:

which explains why they're not facts.

Good websites for more info:
"climate science from climate scientists"
Yes, but we contribute now to assist in rectify the problem, you will see the signs what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. Majority which is the good will win in this issue
In a statement, Dr. Mahlman of NOAA asserted that it is proven Global Warming is inexorable. So apparently it is a fact of nature, and it will never stop getting warmer and warmer. No matter what puny man does. NOAA has proven it.

Live with it, and enjoy!

Actually, all the graphs on the earth's temperatures up to now that I have seen, except recent ones that were specially modified so that the GW computers came out with the desired results, show many ups and down, warmings and coolings. Naturally.

It does appear to my eyeball that we likely are on a natural warming period, but I do not have access to all the listings and have to go on the smoothed charts put out publicly, without knowing the smoothing factors used, etc. So ignore my non-factual eyeball. ages beginning and ending throughout history are just a figment of geological imagination. Fossilized lizards and ferns in Antarctica are obviously planted evidence by theists who want us to believe their crazy theories. And the other eight planets in our solar system are also heating up because our global warming in sooooo bad its obviously effecting Pluto.
No. Granted, as scientists began, years ago, to show that global warming wasoccurring, they thought of a variety of possible causes--including some natural ones. Over time, they tested all of these hypotheses and eliminated most of them.

So--her's the picture. Most of the global warming that is occuring is due to human activities (mainly burning fossil fuels). That's about 85%. The remaining 15% is the result of natural causes (including a slight rise in solar radiation).

That's been firmly established--what is called a "scientific consensus"--a term which has a specific meaning. Briefly--it means that every possible explanation has been tested for, not once but many times by many different researchers--and tested for using a variety of methods. The "scientific consensus" is reached only after alll that is done--and the scientist s are certain that one particular explanation is the correct one. The resason iI went into detail on this point is that a lt of people don't realize jsut what a scientific consens requires--they think it means only tha tsome scientists jsut sat down and agreed on one explanation or another--which, as you can see, is definately NOT the case.
Scientists can easily determine the difference between 'natural' sources of CO2, and 'fossil' CO2. The correlation between the increase of 'fossil' CO2, and global average temps. is indisputable ! Sure, cow farts produce CO2,but if we stop raising cattle in the unsutainable way we do now, the cow farts will decrease. Global Climate Change is already being felt ! The primary cause is MAN MADE increases in fossil CO2 !
yes why would the valcanoes change the climate a volcano is a natural feature of earth and when it goes off the climate changes.

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