Are there cars that generates their own electricity to propel itself?

hybrid vehicles have 2 or more form of energy sources to propel into motion,but requires plug ins for their batteries. Anything that runs while charging their own batteries for propulsion, like the submarines of world war 2?

Electricity, regardless of what you read, is not a source of power.

Electrical power is generated by multiple methods, all of which require a source of energy.

Mainly, it is produced by a mechanical energy which comes from pressure and/or heat. (Burning coal or oil generates both, hydroelectric power is from pressure, nuclear generates heat, and wind is a very low pressure gradient) Solar is an exception, it uses the photoelectric effect.

Submarines used DIESEL to produce that electricity. Hybrids use gasoline to produce the electricity, though a diesel hybrid is in the works I imagine. Maybe even a hydrogen hybrid.

Anyway, batteries are a storage medium, whether they are charged from a power plant or the electrical generators in the hybrid, they do not produce more power than was charged into them. In fact, some energy is lost, in the form of heat, during the charge and discharge cycle, but they are still more efficient when running (in stop-and-go traffic) than a non-hybrid vehicle. On a highway when you aren't using your brakes, they are exactly as efficient as any other vehicle with the same size engine.

Submarines in WW2, and many in use by S. Korea, Australia, Norway, etc. still use batteries, but only for when they are submerged and can't get air for the diesel engines.
At least some hybrid cars charge their batteries from engine braking when slowing down. I thought some had a charging circuit when the gas engine was running at higher speed.
The Prius uses regenerative charging when slowing down without direct drive
yes hybrid cars & railroad locomotives
A Hybrid car DOES use the gas engine to recharge the batteries, just as a diesel submarine would. AN EV (electric vehicle) plugs in to the wall. But no machine yet invented is a perpetual motion machine, the energy must come from somewhere.

The closest to what you are trying to describe, I think, would be a 100% solar powered vehicle. Yes they do exist, but they are nothing like a conventional car. see link.
Actually, there are no plug-in hybrids currently on the market. Toyota Prius, Camry, Corolla; Honda Civic, Accord; Lexus SUVs and sedans; Saturn Vue Green Line; Ford Escape --all are non-plug in hybrids that use the gasoline engine to charge the batteries.
WWII submarines were in fact hybrid vehicles. They had both diesel and electric engines. The diesel engine generated electricity that was used to both drive the screws as well as charge very large battery banks. At times (on deep dives and when the submarine needed to run quitely to avoid detection) the diesel engine was shut down and the batteries were used.

Modern hybrids use a similar aproach. They do not need to be plugged in, in fact, most do not even have plugs.
In order to generate electricity, you have to burn a fuel that turns an engine and then, in turn an electrical generator. Locomotives and really BIG off road dump trucks have been doing this for years.
Yes but it take 12-18 hours to re-generate the full amount, however the second obtion is the SECR Car which can be charge with 1.2 MegaWatt of storage power and can take you from NY to CA with one full load plus the entire vehicle is very light and able to travel at the speed of 75 MPH all the way... see and see the truth for yourself
There are some hybrid vehicles that charge their own batteries using solar panels on the roof of the car, they use the solar energy to recharge their batteries.

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