Am i right in thinking that we have roughly around 7 weeks of summer left?

The kids break up for the 6 week holidays next week. By the time the holidays are over its already starting to cool. Is that it? Or will we have an indian summer.

How is it that in a civilization that currently spends more time sealed in temperature-controlled homes, workplaces, markets, entertainment venues, and transportation than in ANY previous time worry SO MUCH about the temperature outside?
LEFT? didnt know it had even begun
what are you talking about
it is between 30 and 45 degrees celcius here all year round
never gets cool
Summer. It's over, Remember that nice weather at Easter... That was it .
Summer never began but it officially ends on the 20th September..It's quite frightening really,all the seasons are merging.
We may get an indian summer or maybe a sunny winter. Who can tell with global warming!
you mean to say that summer is here now i thought it was still winter with all this rain
We shall have an English summer cos we don't live in India
'all the seasons merging'
thats a good description, but when has it flooded so bad even in winter? I know this was posted by a uk member, so let me tell you this, its global warming for sure and its not gonna get any better until the earth finds its balance.
as far as an indian summer goes its 50/50 i hope there is a bit of one as that would create a bit of balance, even a summery winter would be good, if not where all in a puddle!
Fall begins: September 23. At 9:51 PM.
Indian Summer usually happens only
in the Fall.
I suffer from summer SAD, so I've really enjoyed the weather over the past few months, still hate the light mornings and nights though, roll on autumn and winter!
crap:( skool again? feels like yesterday we were out:( owell:P

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