A Rice Rocket at 60 mpg ..WHY NOT?

Why doesn't everyone get out of their cars and buy a bike? You don't have to own a moped or scooter. I have a nice Suzuki Katana 600 that gets 60mpg and I have a blast riding it.

That just shows you can't count .. like the NUMBER OF SEATS!

A five seater car that gets 12 miles to the gallon is doing better per seat than your one seater bike getting 60 miles to the gallon. And you don't have a roof or a trunk!
1) Not everyone has the balance to ride a bike
2) You cant carry much when riding a bike
3) Although it's fun, it's not very practical for daily transportation (food, when it rains, dropping the kids off at soccer practice, picking up that brand new HDTV, etc)
Although they get better mileage, motorcycles create more greenhouse gas emissions than cars do. Plus as mentioned by grizz, you can fit more people in a car.

Personally I use a bicycle to get to work. Infinite mpg!

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