Recycling paper in London?

hi everyone,

i move soon to London and i would like to know (as i use a lot of paper...) how can i recycle paper in London ?
and so with plastic or glass...?

thanks for answering.


Different London councils for different areas each have their own system for recycling things. Camden Council have a box that everything goes in collected once a week, the City of London have a clear sack scheme, Lambeth have orange bags to put them in, Westminster also have a bag collection service, recycling is compulsory in Hackney. I have included theirs and some other london borough councils' recycling pages in the sources below, they should come up as links. Hope you find them useful
You get recycling bags that you can put all youre recycled cans,paper,cardboard and plastic bottles and the glass has to be deposited at a bottle bank which are situated all over the place..
recycling paper is a bad idea.

First of all, it costs more both financially and for the environment (the process is very dirty) to recycle paper than it does to make new paper.

And secondly, because of the paper industry we have 3 times as many trees as we did in the 1920s. Everyone agrees that more trees are a good thing, and the paper industry plants vast amounts of trees every year because they "farm" 99% of the trees used for production (ie, they don't take wild trees).

The only thing worth recycling is aluminium cans, everything else is more expensive and more damaging to the environment.
First contact your local council, and paper and recycling banks at your local supermarkets they are the key.

LET'S DO the best for our other country let's make britain tIDY!
Although I'm just a traveling nurse making a stop in London, I know that you should just look in their local phone book an look for the umber that is for the recycling program.(forgot the name) Before recycling them use both sides.I hope this helps because I'm leaving Thursday.

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