Boyz answer this..?

what do young boyz do when they like a girl??
like a 13 yr old or 14 ? what do u think ?? and this boy is shy! so idk .. how do we know that they like us? do they have a eye connection b.c this boy haas a eye connection wid me but i dont know if he likes me i see him evry 1 day a week so HELP PLEZ

first of all decide how do you take him or like him. if u want to continue with him, go and talk with him. Have a light talk forwarding towards your question.
only Eyecontact could not tell everything, It has a lot of meanings. It can also means that he is confident in speaking.
all you got to do is go talk to him start a conversation, let him feel that you have feelings for him so that he can exspress hi feelings casue if hes shy you got to make the first move... otherwise he`ll be gone and you`ll never know, life is made to have fun, just dont let anyone take advantage of you...
if he's shy, of course he'll be nervous, and if you give your phone number to him he'll be most likely call you right away, but he probably doesn't know the rule of thumb yet. He'll be asking you dumb or funny questions, try to be nice with you and stuff.
Why are you asking this here? Try Singles and Dating.
i am 13 years old and i like you i am not shy so holla you dig baby forget that loser in your school he does not want u i do so forget and remember me
Please tell me why this is in Environment instead of "Teen Angst" or some similar meaningless category.
try to act indifferent.

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