And so, the Great Global Warming Taxation ripoff begins.?

If you live in London very soon you will have to pay 10p in TAX for every plastic bag. FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see what is next. Don't you think this should be top down and they should implement solutions first rather than reach for the TAX button? But did you really expect anything else? We have been saying it for years. Global Warming is the best bandwagon in the world to jump on when you want to raise TAX.

This is just the begining people.

oooh it makes me so mad, the global warming thing has been around for years remember we were all going to burn when the ozone had a hole..
Now i dont doubt global warming and the effect humans have on the planet one bit BUT why have we not been given alternative means i.e compost heap bins and proper recylce bins . not told recycle properly or pay another £250 a year to have your bins emptied! (as we dont pay enough council tax to pay for that already)..

Maybe if we spent less on things we dont need like the millenuim dome we could live greener with the tax WE HAVE ALREADY PAID!
Good. Plastic bags are a total waste. Just bring your own reuseable bags and stop complaining!
Didn't you know. taxes and government programs fix everything. i am amazed that there are so few of us outraged by this global warming scam, compared to those that follow it like mindless drones.
The "political" scientists say the sun is giving off less heat and that all the warming is due to man-made emissions of CO2. The politicians of the Left push for 'Doing Something" to stop the warming. Their answer is more laws to control your life and more taxes they can use to buy votes. They will panic everyone into drastic reductions in CO2 costing billions, reducing freedom, lowering standards of living and tax everything that emits CO2. People emit CO2 when they breathe, so comes the breathing tax, and if a person can't pay it they must stop breathing and that is good because it will "Save the Planet".

I think Climate Change is natural and that the "consensus" is wrong. But if they are right, then the only thing between us and a real disaster, a new Ice Age, is our emissions of CO2. Either way I oppose the controls and the taxes on CO2. An Ice Age would be a much bigger disaster than having orange groves in Cornwall.
this is to warn everyone that global warming is rising
A plastic bag does much more than 10p damage to the world. They last for decades, blow out of landfills, and are eaten with lethal results by many types of animals. If you don't want to pay the tax, re-use your bags.
Damn right it's just the beginning. My mind boggles at the state of our future as lowly ordinary citizens as big business and the EU/UN gets properly underway with instigating more and more tighter 'green' and 'carbon' taxes, and other methods of keeping the populous squashed and under their control, while the high rich elite get fat on what we have to pay to merely FUNCTION in ordinary life.

Yes 10p a bag is just the start!
It won't go on for too long as the government will look like a bunch of fudging muppets within 10 years. look at joe Bastardi's page under UK & Ireland on
and www.greatglobalwarmingswindle. and read 'the chilling stars - a new theory on climate change' by SCIENTISTS Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder
And this is coming from a country where they have a what is it? $300 tax on each color TV you own. Is that yearly? You can only imagine how we would react here in the states. This country once went to war over the issue of taxes. We also retained the right to keep and bare arms. If our government decided to start taxing us left and right, then you can believe some people are going to have a fight on their hands...
I agree Global warming is a con used to taxes us more.
Why are we charged with this tax and not supermarkets. I mean they are the ones that provide us with the bags. I dint see why they cant use paper bags instead. Probably because plastic is a lot cheaper.

governments should target them not the people.

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