Are there any solutions to conserving energy during the hot summer months?

there are many things you can do your house to make it more energy efficient.
-make sure all windows and doors have tight weather seals.
-put solar screens on any windows that get direct sunlight.
-use ceiling fans to help circulate cool air better.
-turn your thermostat up to 83. that has made a huge diff for me. it sounds high but it's still 20 deg. cooler than outside.
-drink lots and lots of water to keep your body temp down so you don't feel the need for so much a/c.
make sure your place is sealed tight. put tinting on your windows. use fans in rooms that the a/c doesn't reach. use screen doors on days with a nice cross breeze. grill outside.
Use fans instead of A/C.
Use a swamp cooler instead of air conditioning.

Most people don't know HOW to use a swamp cooler properly. The trick is to open a couple of windows maybe 6 inches wide to allow air to flow THROUGH the house. This keeps humidity down and allows for displacement of the hot air by the cool air. Done properly, you can achieve a good 20 degree difference, which is very comfortable even when it's triple digits outside.

Use fans at night to exhaust the hot air and cool down the attic/walls. Use as much of the house as possible as a heat bank.

If you have trees or a lawn, water them with an oscillator sprayer. Water in tree branches acts to cool the area down.
If you are in a location that has relatively low humidity you can use a device that is called a swamp cooler instead of an air conditioner.

A swamp cooler sprays water over a large mass of fibers. A fan blows air through the mass of fibers ans into the structure. The evaporation of the water takes a substantial amount of heat out of the air and makes it very cool, even on a very hot day.

The key is the area must have low humidity.

Many years ago I lived in Bakersfield, in Kern County, California. The apartment that I lived in had a swamp cooler that was very effective even when the temperature was over 110 degrees Farenheit outside, I could keep the temperature inside at approximately 65 degrees just using the swamp cooler and no air conditioner.
Turn the air conditioning up to 80or so, and use fans. It is difficult these days. Homes and buildings are designed for air conditioning, not for natural cooling. It may surprize many, but just 50-60 years ago or so most of us did not have air conditioning. I grew up in Florida where it was hot and humid. We used fans primarily. We survived and I don't remember anyone dying from it.

I now live in Mexico where many if not most do not have air conditioning in the whole house.
Take cool showers,turn on fans to circuklate the air,keep the house dark,turn off heat producing light bulbs when not needed.

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