What is the way that the people are moved towards the agriculture revolution?

The growth in india in the agri sector is only 2% which is much less than the population growth. If it continues we may have short fall of essential commodities

they will join in the efforts if they are given a little education,, some encouragement, and realise that it is nice to be part of it...it must be made acceptable to them and that means little simple things like:

* nice looking brochures with nice pictures
* printed instructions that are easy to follow
* given some basic supplies, even some land to farm on, as a "loan from the government!" ? BETTER would be if people who are large landowners would offer their land for work by farmers, and the farmers may keep all their profits . and they may need some assistance from the landowners to keep their enthusiasm and interest .
* if they have water: ground water may be brought up through drilling wells ...
* if they are treated nicely

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So much of this is really a humanitarian movement, it isn't just about agriculture, about rainfall, about water programs, it is about community, about gettting along with each other, about co-operation...and love... it is about LOVE!!! When we love each other, we will be alright . Loka Samastha, Sukino Bhavantu ...

Love & Peace
Green Revolution did sweep India in the late 1960s and retrieved the nation from dependency on food aids from abroad... Eversince there has been significant increase in the average production (productivity) of agricultural products in most states particularly the ones with irrigation support for agriculture...

But there are a host of reasons why the trend did not sustain. I mean, though there is still increase in per ha yields in major crops, the rate of increase year by year is going down appearing as it were that a saturation has been reached..

Actually the potential for greater production has not reduced greatly and still vast scope for much higher productivity exists in most places... but negative factors have been building up over the years and in spite of the warnings of agrl experts, the govts have not been taking proper steps to address the problems impeding the progress in agriculture..

The contribution of agriculture to GDP would be relatively small in spite of the large number of population (farmers) in the fray, as the value of agrl products at farm gate are much less compared to industrial goods.. Hence govts have been pampering the industrial and service sector from which it receives more revenue and greater GDP is shown also.. The capital investments for agriculture yield results (profit) slowly and private investments are low.

Govt has to cater to large number of priority areas like transport, power, education, health, defence etc etc and its allocation for agriculture gradually goes down by percentage vis a vis other sectors (though the numerical values may be more than previous years)... The result is the irrigation projects have not been taken up in great way... even maintenance of existing projects are suffering for want of funds...

The business sector is also exploiting the producers of agrl products, they pay low rate to the farmer and charge the consumer heavily, snatching hefty profits for themselves (what the economist calls the wide price spread).. this distortion in the domestic market makes agri less remunerative...

It is not that the farmers are less knowledgeable any more... they lack the support of the govts in developing infra (community drying and thrashing yards, storage houses, etc) But successive govts pay lip service to this community of farmers and pamper other sectors for narrow selfish advantages... The rich business and service sectors have more bargaining power with govt than the agri sector...

So do not think people are not moving toward modern agri out of any ignorance... they are being scared by the continued apathy of the govts only...

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