Any good cheap ways to cool off during the summer?

What do you do to cool off?

if your out and about and not into swimming or hosing down with water..then i suggest a bottle mister that allows small water droplet to fall onto your skin giving you a small amount of time to feel cooler and if you fan the droplets of water after you mist you will feel even cooler that way..i hope you beat the heat this summer!
jump in the pool.
turn on sprinklers.
take a cold bath.
turn the shower on the coldest it can go.
in the backyard with the hose
Run throught the sprinkler or spray myself with the hose.
Go to the mall.
Spritz cold water on yourself and let it dry.
Go to a movie's always freezing in there.
Go swimming.
get an air conditioner, or spritz yourself with water from a spray bottle, sitting in front of a fan
I have central air at home, and at work there is central air. I go to the mall, the movies, there is air. In the car, their is air. Cool air, pretty much follows me where ever I go. LOL

Have a good evening.
get a little kiddie pool and sit in it...they're like $10 at walmart


a water balloon fight
go to the nearest public lake and swim!:)
make an icee, jump in a babypool, run thru the sprinkler, eat popsicles, chew on ice(0 cals!:D), run in the rain or play in it, slip n' have a pool partay!! :D i hoped i helped!
if you are in the position to install over head fans - that helps - i don't know if you live in the north or south - different things work in different places.

whole house fan sucks out the warm are and blows it thru the roof - there are a couple of different methods to keep cool - clothing being the most flexible.

ice packs help to.
Well lets say you don't have an air conditioner and moneys tight. But you have a fan and a frig. Put a wet towel in the freezer, after it freezes take it out and hang so the fan hits it and there you go instant coolness.
I try to stay as still as possible and not get too excited about anything.Then youll be cool, calm and collected.
a fan they are like 5 bucks at wal-mart
Get wet !
water balloons, a hose, a small pool . there's a ton of possibilities in the dollar stores/pool section.

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