Any good recipes for polar bear.?

Since Canada has had to increase their quota of polar bear hunting permits in the last few years I thought I shoud go up and get one. I have cooked alot of black bear, is there much difference. They eat alot of fish so that must change the flavor.

Grill over old growth redwood charcoal and baste with sauce made from chemically fertiized vegetables.
Hilarious question!

The global warming believers refuse to recognize the facts that the polar bear population is healthy and growing.

They would rather believe the hot air coming out of both ends of Al Gore.
Dunno, and do not know anyone to ask.

But initially I would cook as any other bear, and if needed, add a little tartar sauce or a good hot fish curry mix,

Good luck. Serve over braised Portobello mushrooms!
I thought polar bears are carnivores.It would be a perversion for people to eat carnivorous animals but it's not as bad as cannibalism.
I've heard it is fantastic, I hope to get one someday.
Cook over open flame until crisp, and season with sea salt.
Boil with rendeer
You see after you skin it...... then after adding the oregano, you and a pinch of garlic and then serve with the head on a platter with a apple in its mouth! mmmmmmmmmmm sick o.
Sir fried with sno peas.kind of ironic.

Irony makes for good meals!
Nasty one ,
are you going there to fish them out of the water??
Apparently if you deep fry them they taste exactly like a McChicken...coincidence?

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