List the 5 steps needed to be able to use lake water for human consumption.?

plllz answer this for me its on my test tomorrow and i dont have any notes for it.


To help you with this one needs to know the "5 steps" you are talking about. As an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist I only know of three steps four if I stretch it out.
first the unstretched---
1 collect water from lake using pail or pan...
2 boil water 5 minutes
3 treat with iodine as needed---drink

now the stretched...
step one: Find a lake
the remaining steps remain the same.

Follow the leave no trace philosophy. only leave footprints, take photos not momentos, pack out what you pack in, don't feed the wildlife(avoid disturbing them in any way)
Jump in a lake.
Swallow a snake.
Come up with a bellyache.
I don't know, but I know with seawater you have to boil it and then collect the steam... or somthing...
It's probably too late now, but you could:

Chlorinate it
use Iodine
boil it
filter it
or distill it

those 5 methods have been the most widely used to make water (fresh water or "lake" water) safe for human consumption. Please note that the steps to each of these are not as easy as it sounds. This is the abbreviated version. I won't be responsible for you getting a stomach virus.

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