How can we participate more actively in caring for the environment?

how can the schools play a more active rolo in helping the class be more aware of environmental concerns?

This is a question that I think everyone is asking themselves but few have actually answered completely. The answer is so complex yet so simple.

"Both our religion and our science has failed us; our planetary survival depends on a new belief system based on the equality of ALL life, and using our science to observe for the purpose of understanding, not for the purpose of consumption and exploitation."

As a species we need to discard our belief that somehow a mythical being has put us "in charge of caring for the environment" and start becoming a species which believes in the religion of "Deep Ecology".


It is that very belief, that "Shallow Environmentalism", that very God Complex, the belief that our species has some "manifest destiny" over all other forms of life which has screwed things up to begin with.

Every form of life on this rock has a right to be here and live in the habitat to which they have adapted over milliions of years UNDISTURBED! Everything from a virus to an ecosystem.

So how can you participate more actively in caring for the environment?

You can do nothing to care for the environment, the environment is a living system which developed over billions of years. The environment has been around UNDISTURBED for biliions of years, we hairless apes have been part of it for a few million. Asking what we can do to care for the environment is like asking a skin cell how to lower a person's blood pressure. You are a small, disfunctioning part of the environment. You are harming it by trying to care for it. Realize that anything you could do would disturb the environment and do more harm. Don't "care for it", don't try to "make it all better"; don't change the environment, change yourself!

What you CAN do, RIGHT NOW, is minimize your effect on the environment. You will consciously have to seek out ways to do more with less. Less food, less water, less oil, less everything. You will have to be comfortable denouncing consumerism.

It will cost more money to be the first, but you can't afford to wait.

Spend next years vacation money on upgrading your appliances or adding insulation or new windows. Don't burn off the ozone and create CO2 in the upper atmosphere flying somewhere.

Airplanes and cars burn the same amount of gas PER SEAT (if full). Ride the train, it is 5 times more efficient per seat than flying or driving.

Write to your provincial/state and federal representitives and tell them we need immediate changes to the Building Code and the Transportation Act to make more efficient buildings and cars viable.

What can you do? Leave the environment alone; change yourself!
The schools can teach the students that it all starts with one person... themselves. Then if they can teach this to just one person and have them pass it on to at least one person.

All it takes is one person. Just think if each one of us saw trash on the ground that is not ours, just by doing the unselfish act of picking it up and disposing of it. What a difference this would make in the environment around them and in this world. How about if a few people from a family or a few people from a class room, or taken on as a school project took the time to divide the family, or class room or school trash. They could divide it by: glass, plastic, aluminum, newspapers... or however they want, what ever works for their family, class room or school. They can take it to a recycling center each week. With the money they earn, they can start a money jar and the family, class or school can decide what they will do with the money. Maybe have an ice cream party, have a pizza party, have a video party or a bowling party. The ideas are endless, they can be as creative as they want to get!

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