Any ideas on how to unstick envelopes?

I've got several boxes of business envelopes that have become stuck shut in the humidity. I'm looking for a tip less time consuming than holding each one over a steaming teakettle!

Put them in the freezer for a few hours.
use a hot steam iron for about 5-10 seconds on each one. peel flap gently open.
#dip in warm water for 10 seconds and try to open (longer if needed), let dry
#the steaming idea
#freeze them for about an hour , which will disable the glue so you can open it
# use a letter opening knife soaked in vinegar and carefully open
#spray liquid nitrogen, but i doubt you have that
#cut the flap off and just leave a small rectangle of the flap at the top, so it looks like this opposed to this
BRUTE FORCE! Pull them open by hand/letter opener and tape them shut when necessary. Next time you'll get the peel and seal, won't you ;-)

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