Are old circuit boards recycleable in anyway? How? Where?

I recycle scrap metal alot! I see alot of old computers, t.v.'s etc... being tossed out. Are there places that take the old circuit boards? I know, even though the amounts are very small, that circuit boards contain copper, silver, even gold...
It's almost too much of a pain to disassemble computers just for the chassis, which probably adds up to about 25 cents of scrap metal... There are tons of boards inside though! I currently separate the wire, the scrap metal, etc. but I end up with with lots of circuit boards that I don't know what to do with... should I just toss em out? I live in N.W. Indiana.

Those circuit boards are loaded with mercury and lead: landfilling them is illegal. However, I don't know of any recycling effort. Large companies pay up to $30/PC for recycling of old units.
YES, circuit boards and all computer components are recyclable! If you, or anyone you know, is located in central/southwest Missouri, the Lebanon, MO Alternative Education Center takes all old computers free of charge for recycling. (A disposal fee of $12 is charged for monitors). Our students there break down old computers and sell them to a recycling company who then pays for them. All profits made through this effort are returned to the students in wages. Contact me for more information!
They can be recycled but be careful. Im sure you may know this but just in case...
Alot of old circuit boards seem to be shipped to India and other 3rd world countries where the base metals are stripped in back yards using strong and dangerous chemicals. There are currently no controls in most of these countries so risk to the individuals health is great. Also, and perhaps a greater issue, the 'waste' from the processes are hugely more dangerous than the circuit boards they come from and are often discarded into local dumps and rivers which are starting to have serious effects not only on local environments and people but global ones. Please continue to recycle everything you can but do it with a global conscience. :-)
There are a few, very few, companies that take computer equipment and check it out and then get it to people that can not afford new systems. In central Florida a company called GoodDeedPC does it.
There is gold in those boards! They grind them up and leach out the gold and silver. look for a metal recycler in your area. The dump in boise charges $10 to dispose of TV's etc. because the plant that does it is in Utah

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