A poll: what is your favorite season?

what is your favorite season? winter or summer? if for some reason the world had to lose one of these seasons which one would you want to keep? i would have to say summer because you can swim and do lots of things outside without freezing to death and you have the air conditioner to cool you down if it is too hot. and it seems like everyone is in a better mood if it is warm. what do you think?

I say summer because i would rather be warm that cool. i like to do water sprts (ski, boat, canoe, etc.) i also like to go camping and do outdoor things... although i go snowboarding and skiing in the winter, and snomobiling and all that good stuff, snoball fights and kool beans... i vote keep summer
Same here, summer!
Summers are dreadful anymore. In Ohio, it's been hot and humid with things very dry as we're more than 5" below the normal rainfall. I'm spending just as much time indoors as I do in winter because of the heat.
I like spring and fall when things are more tolerable; also prettier.
I hate summer. It's just too ridiculously hot. We can't swim EVERY day.

It's just impractical.

Spring and fall here, courtesy of global warming, tend to be every bit as sunny as summer, but without the scorching heat that makes your shirt stick to your back when you're driving. Ick!

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I only get tired of it when it rains too much.
Winter. Can't cross country ski or make a snowman without winter.
If one season had to go away it would be Summer because of global warming each year it only gets hotter and hotter at one point everyone is going to hate it. Winter is my favorite season. In Winter it's cloudy and it always makes me feel good. You can sit by the nice cozy fire and make smores or roast marshmellows. In the snow you can build snowmen and forts and you can throw snowballs. Winter ROCKS!
My favorite season is fall, its not overbearingly cold, perfect temp in my opinion, plus I think it is the prettiest season. But out of the two you listed I would have to go with Winter as my favorite. All of the holidays come around, plus snow brings a new excitement we have been missing all throughout that dreadful summer of insane heat. Granted it also creates some anxiety because of bad weather, but I think I can deal with it.
Winter. Summers are too hot and there are too many wildfires and forest fires, one bad news after another.

Winters are cool and cold but I just put on another jacket. It is the time to reflect and read. I like Winter.
spring, it's not to cool and not too hot...esp because flowers start blooming and everything looks pretty and colorful
i grow things in the winter that is not as vigorous
I have no choice but to choose summer so we can grow food but i had a heat stroke one time and it sure didn't feel good .Anymore the summer just tears me up.
I know it wasn't one of your choices, but my favorite season is spring. The long, cold winter is finally over and it begins to warm up. Everything that was brown starts to turn green. Bulbs (daffodils, tulips, etc.) miraculously pop up, sometimes even through frozen ground in very early spring. The birds and all of the baby animals come back out, the trees re-leaf, and things are beautiful once again. And finally, summer comes!

If I have to pick strictly between winter and summer, I'm with you- summer all the way!! Winter is just too cold, dark and gloomy. Summer is just SOOOO hot here, that spring is the perfect season. Great question :)

Happy Summer!

i love rainy season - animals too will enjoy in this particular season
My favorite season is Fall because it is so nice to finally get relief from the sweltering heat and unbearable humidity. But your choice are only winter and summer, so if I had to pick I'd prefer for it to always be winter. I like it the way it is now better, but always winter is better than always summer. I like all the layers and winter clothes I can wear. In summer I feel like I'm naked most the time.
Ugh, neither, one is too hot and the weather is unpredicatable, and the other gets to cold. I perfer spring and fall nice and mild ;)
Well I prefer winter than summer. I also like Spring, not to hot nor cold. Just perfect.
summer because swimming hang in with b.f.f."s and aall that fun stuff
All r my fav. If u try 2 njoy den every season is good... :)

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