What is the meaning for bioventing?

Bioventing provides oxygen to stimulate naturally occurring soil microorganisms to degrade compounds in soil. The rate of natural degradation is generally limited by the lack of oxygen and other electron acceptors (i.e., a compound that gains electrons during biodegradation) rather than by the lack of nutrients (i.e., electron donors). In conventional bioventing systems, oxygen is delivered by an electric blower to subsurface wells. In contrast to soil vapor vacuum extraction, bioventing uses low airflow rates to provide only enough oxygen to sustain microbial activity.

Passive bioventing systems use natural air exchange to deliver oxygen to the subsurface via bioventing wells. A one-way valve, installed on a vent well, allows air to enter the well when the pressure inside the well is lower than atmospheric pressure. When atmospheric pressure drops (due to a change in barometric pressure) below the subsurface pressure, the valve closes, trapping the air in the well and increasing oxygen to the soil surrounding the well.

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