Are these good global warming solutions or probly im sad beacuse people just dont understand.?

yes im a student an i was woundering to myself if in the future (hopefully to god this wont happen)but if it does (global warming)then why dont animal organizartions evacute the animals in the antarctic etccc... to zoos so they wont die of there climate being change of course the government is gonna pay alot but they are innocent imagine polor bears pinguins seals etc..being extinct?
or why dont scientist try 2 somehow refrezze the ice...
or that gasoline ethol that dosent polute..
i would wish that people n the government did something to help in the enviorment...
thank u 2 the people who answer my question
and not only would we be affected our generations...

Lets face it, your solutions are ridiculous. Herding animals into zoos? That is viable, we could call the zoo Noah's ark. Maybe scientists could refreeze the ice? Yeah, HOW? How much energy would that in itself take. Maybe we could airlift billions of ice cubes... If you wanna help the environment make your house, car, and lifestyle more efficient. Don't consume lots of trash. Recycle. It will save you money as well.
You dont have to worry about global warming. Jesus gave us ALL a promise!!! Do you know what it is? he promised to never flood the earth again. easy as that.

it hasnt been proven tht there is global wwarming.. webeen keeping records around 100 years on a thousands of years old earth.. new zealand just the other day concluded a test at antartica, and said the ice is between 2 and 2.5 miles thick. which is as thick as it has ever been. besides think about this. . the ice formed sometime i history. why does these idiots think we are gonners if it all melts
Those aren't stupid ideas at all. You're really thinking. :) However, I'm afraid it's just not that easy. There's too many animals to be evacuated, and it's not just animals in the Arctic regions being affected. It's animals everywhere. :( Also, if scientists figured out how to refreeze the ice. the greenhouse gases would still be there, doing damage no matter what. I think of global warming as an illness - because it really is; the Earth is very sick. As with any illness, treating the symptoms doesn't make the illness go away - you have to treat the cause. I applaud your ideas though - you're really thinking! :)
The best solution we have available is a large scale switch to geothermal power.

This would prevent the climate change and save more than just polar bears (seals and penguins swim long distances and mainly aren't polar animals anyway, they aren't gonna be in that much trouble from climate change) but also many human lives and much cost both to the environment and to the economy.
look dude, you need to see the other side of the man made global warming issue. I'm sure you have been force fed tons of global warming disaster stories, if not at lease been shown AL gores movie. do this as a test to your own belief or to give yourself the chance to know the other side for your own benefit.

got to youtube, search "the great global warming swindle", its 8 10min videos of the British program. watch the first one and see if it doesn't spark your interest. think of it as the yang to Al gores ying or whatever.

from a friend.
Fortunately the animals at the poles are not in any danger. Polar Bears and penguins are very good swimmers.

The ice will retreat but it will not go away completely. the Penguins and Polar Bears will still have plenty of habitat.

If anything with the warmer waters more fish will move farther north providing the animals with an increased food supply.

Also, sea levels will rise. fortunately low lying areas can be protected with dike systems similar to those in Holland.

Hurricanes will become stronger and more frequent. We need to help the poor countries upgrade their disaster preparedness for hurricanes.

There will be droughts. We need to help the poor countries with supplemental water supplies and desalination plants.

Fortunately we can mitigate the effects of Global Warming relatively easily. It is not the great disaster that it is being made out to be.

Global Warming is merely inconvenient. It is not a disaster.
Kelsey's answer has it half right. God will not flood us like in Noah's days. Instead he promised the sinful world would parish in flame. So what will probably happen is those non Jesus believing Middle Easterners will push us too far and they'll get carpet nuked. Then the dust cloud that will be raised from their molten sea of glass will cool the climate for the next five years and that will be the end of global warming and the endangered wildlife will be saved.
Yes you have a lot of great ideas. And yes people just don't understand. Most just are not educated enough to understand or even want to hear the issues.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes to help find better solutions to the problems, but it may take a while. As far a relocating animals, may have to do the Ark thing and get pairs, to keep the animals from going extinct, but can't get them all. Changes are being made, but until it is done collectivelly as a whole, it will take quite sometime.

I own a Renewable Energy business, and there are times I know I am beating my head against a brick wall trying to explain what it is about. Don't feel sad, but help spread the word and join different groups that help. Yahoo! has a lot of groups related to this subject. Ask the Yahoo! team and they can point you in the right direction.

But you can help make a difference, and help recruit folks to join these groups. One excellent group is Go there find a group close to you and join.
I know how you feel.The problem of global warming can only be uprooted if the whole world can be more educated and at the same time less selfish.
Unfortunately we don't have magic powers, we can't fix things with the snap of a finger. It takes a lot of hard work to fix things that are broken, starting with recognising that they ARE broken.

My generation's good time is going to result in a rough life for you, I am sorry for that.

We can't save animals by putting them in a metal box and pretending that the problems that are killing them will go away. In order to keep animals from going extinct we don't need to protect the animals, we need to protect their homes.

I hope you will study hard and come up with more ideas for saving animals. I'm sure you will eventually think of ideas that will work. Good luck. I want you to look up the term "deep ecology" and study what it means. That will give you a good basic knowledge to start from.

In the meantime here is a cool video
The best solution of all is to slow the warming.
Sadly, it's too late for the polar bears. We've already lost 28% of the population with the remainder weighing in at 50 lbs. less than what they should average as well as lower birth rate. Forget about the government stepping in, they didn't even stop the proposed ban to stop them from being trophy hunted just recently.
I'm an advocate for such matters and I can tell you I (along with others that were pushing for this issue) that I was shocked and dismayed.
An above poster stated that polar bears are good swimmers, which is true. But they can't reach the distance they need to go to get to these bergs without exhausting themselves and thus drowning. Others may make it only to have it crumble under their weight because the masses aren't as frozen solid as they should be.
Their disappearance will only be 'the tip of the iceberg' for things to come.
Focus on being a student until you:

Can write an intelligible statement.
Understand basic thermodynamics.
I just read about this website on the Wall Street Journal: Carbon Diet Plan. It is an application that can put us on a 'carbon diet'. As an individual and friends, we can make an impact on global warming 1 lb at a time.

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