Are we all going to die????

Will Global Warming cook us ALL!!

Should we become Nocturnal Creatures before we fry?


we will cook and then get frozen to be TV dinners for the Giant Race of cockroaches that will succeed us
No we aren't going to die. But future generations might. So time to take action today and not tomorrow.
sorry to tell you, but yes, someday you are going to die.
Yes! We all die, life is a terminal illness; no one gets out alive.

Will Global Warming be the cause? I don't know, how often do you jaywalk? There are lots of ways to get killed.

Nocturnal won't help you survive a hurricane and you'll get rickettes, you need sunshine to produce Vitamin D.


... WEAR SUNSCREEN!! (see the link)
Yes! You're going to die! Your Chevrolet is going to cook the earth, inside 15 years. HOW DARE YOU.
eventually we will all die
but probably not from global warming
hmm.. the weather will turn worse more storms hotness...droughts etc.. but alot of deaths ,animals exstinct,n mother nature 2 be destroid.sea level rises so that means around the coast like new york california etc..might be gone...tsunamies etc..
Oh don't worry we won't all die unless Jesus chooses it. If Jesus wanted to then he can let us live in 300 degrees and we still won't die cuz the end of the world is not anyones choice it's Jesus's it even said that in the Bible so you don't gotta worry just think "it's not the worlds choice or people's it's Jesus's". And beside that humid will make storms come including rain storms so how are we going to fry if there's rain hitting the ground. And what is Nocturnal Creatures??
we will all die someday.get over it
being born is a death sentence.

Deal with it.
Of course we're all going to die.

But global warming won't kill us if we get busy and do something about it.

The nocturnal bit sounds kind of cool though--very Goth!
Probably, no, and no.
Answers to your questions in the order of asking:

1) Yes eventually, most of us after a long and hopefully productive life.

2) No, even if the worst of all possible scenarios comes to pass (highly unlikely) it will just be uncomfortable for some and just expensive if you have air conditioning.

3) I'm a creature of the night already, but I'm not sure I want you to join my world.

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