Why don't the EU demand to fish with pedal boats to save endangered species?

there are over a billion people in the world that derive most of their diet from the seas every year. By reducing the number of commercial fishing vessels, and increasing the restrictions on fishing, there will be even less food for some of these countries that desperately need it. Countries like Japan employ millions in commercial fishing, and most of the population lives on seafood and rice. Take away the seafood and you remove the protein from entire countries. There is a delicate balance between preservation and commercial fishing.
Why not demand that mothers give birth naturally out in a field to cut down on population? Why not demand that you can only do business face to face without any technology (no phones or pc's) to save the earth from mininmg copper? Why not demand that people cannot sell food at all, so that everyone has to go pick his own grain and fruits? Of course not.

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