Al Gore on global warming Video. MUST WATCH!!?

More hypocrisy from the Global Warming Circus Leader!!!
Glenn Beck is a clown. A right wing extremist version of John Stewart, nowhere near as smart or as funny.

Clinton didn't push the Kyoto treaty because the Republican Congress said it would reject it.
Good video, the next!

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Bob, Clinton didn't push for ratification because he had ZERO votes. ZERO Democrat votes. You can't be any more dead in the water than that. Are you trying to say that if the Democrats had had control of the Senate back then, that all of those Democrats would have done a 180 and voted YES? I guess that would be consistent with liberal politicians' lack of principles.
Don't bother. It's all politics to get him back in office.
Sorry, but Al Gore and Must Watch isn't allowed to be used in the same sentance. Looks like you've found the new religion.
Can I get an amen?
I will watch it when I get home and comment on it.
But if it Gore, then it is probably some more crap.
I know what can save us from global warming, if Al Gore stopped talking. The more he talks, the more CO2 that comes out of his mouth. And since he never shuts up, that is a lot of COs.
What more do people want to prove this is a political issue and not a science issue.
Great Video! Now check out the you tube where Al Gore tells of the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein had in the 90's!

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