What is the most green gas station?

i know that you can't really have a green gas staion but it is difficult to stop depending on gas so which ones are better?

Although the prior reasoning isn't the best, BP is one of the greener gas stations because they were one of the first to start investing in the development and research of alternative fuel sources, and have continued to support it more than most other gas stations.
Ethanol (E85) stations and biodiesel stations are.
BP is definatly the greenest gas station.

They may have yellow and white in their logo as well but the rest is very much green.
gas aint green
ethenol, but i think you have to have an ethenol car. Shell stops gunky buildup!
Just a little bit of tangentitis coming on. (The propensity to change the subject just a little.) Is everyone aware of the economic factors involved with the increased marketability of corn products?

When the price of corn goes up, because of the ethanol market usage, the demand for corn to be processed into ethanol will cause the price to climb. Members of the farming community, trying to make up for lost profits are not going to evaluate where the corn is going and what it will be used for. Ethanol, feeding cows, feeding pigs, for use in restaurants, or sale in supermarkets, etc: the price will go up for all users. And so will the price of beef, the price of pork, etc. Get ready for tomorrow by saving for it today. It is going to get real expensive. And then there is the honeybee problem that won't help either. (Curious? Do some research about what is happening with the honeybee population in America and Europe, and its role regarding agriculture.)

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