"polite cows help climate(?!)"?

"getting cows to burp less can help reduce global warming" they said in the article if you noticed.
SO ... how does one get a cow to stop burping,lol?

Cows, like every other animal that eats a high-cellulose diet, rely on bacteria to break down the cellulose into sugars the cow can handle. A necessary byproduct is methane. Animals have been utilizing these bacteria for millions of years.

There are a couple of ways to make a cow burp less:

Manipulate the bacteria so that less methane is produced. I'm sorry, I would rather leave nature's "perfected" process.

Alter the cows' diet so that it reflects a more natural diet. We feed cows grain in an effort to boost dairy production or increase weight gain for beef cattle. Normally, cows eat grass and straw. Switching back to this diet, or perhaps just a mixture of grain and straw, could allow the cow to fully digest it with less methane byproduct.

Check out this video:

If we took the manure and extracted methane, we'd have a wonderful alternative "biofuel". You know what they say - if life gives you lemons, make lemonade...
The methane produced by cows is not caused by burping or farting. It is caused by manure that ferments. Properly managed, it can be "mined" and produce gas for energy.
They are changing their diet.

This shows just how ridiculous global warming is. Animals have been burping for millions of years and it hasn't hurt anything.
Lol I saw that article too. I guess you'd have to give them anything to make them less gassy...which is hard because they get it from everything they eat...omgosh does that mean we have to starve cows to prevent global warming?!
This is actually serious business. Farms in general are a large cause of global warming. And proper management techniques can reduce that contribution. Many scientists are working hard on it. Here are two examples of the work:


dumb article and dumb way to waste millions of dollars for research
Well, if they don't say "safeties" then you can say "doorknob" and you get to hit them until they touch a doorknob.

Cows are so stupid, that they don't even realize that there aren't any doorknobs in a cow pasture.
I have a solution to all of our problems.

First, we round up all the cows, kill them, fill them with our nuclear waste, strap them to a pair of giant missiles and send them towards Iran and Afghanistan.

This way, cows will never again contribute to global warming, they will never again be enslaved for food, Americans will stop eating so many hamburgers, we will be able to reclaim all of the land and water being used by cows and be able to feed all the starving people by converting it to crop land, we will rid the civilized world of nuclear waste, kill Bin Laden, and give the Iranian dictator the missile and nuke technology he so desperately craves by shoving it up his turban.

Now if we could just send Bush and Cheney along for the ride, everyone would be happy.
I've started adding BEANO to my cows food. Just like they must be doing in Argentina. They just got their first snow in about 100 years.

Way to be Al Gore, with your b***s*** movie you have solved the problem.
Stop giving them cheese or scare the TISH out of them!

I think if we use that money for solar panels, or wind mills, we can counter the effects of cows burping or farting. Come on, let's get real and focus on what makes sense
I can't really add much more that mark and bob hasn't already covered, other than to reemphasize the fact that farming does create a huge amount of pollution, even though it wouldn't appear to do so.
The utilization of nitrogen fertilizers create 22% of the earths total nitrogen oxide emissions. not sure if you are familiar with the effects of nitrogen oxide emmissions, but i do suggest getting familiar with it.
Currently, we are working on a way to utilize microorganisms to remediate this problem as it occurs. It looks very promising.

By the way, just because an article states it, does not mean it is entirely accurate. afterall, if they printed articles in a scientifically accurate way, probably 50% of people wouldn't know what it was talking about, and most of the other 50% would be bored reading it.
there is much more going on inthis experiment, than just preventing a cow from relieving gas, but the rest of it wouldn't make a very entertaining article.

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