Which one produces more impact to the rise of global warming: lights or air-conditioners?

none. co2 is a product of global warming, global warming is not a product of co2. Of greenhouse gasses, water vapor makes up 95%. co2 is close to three pecent. human co2 accounts for less than half a precent of that 3%.

al gore is wrong. period.
lol cows dung is worse ...light s??
The ac cancels it's self out. It's cools while also heating the earth, lol, hmm. So, I guess the answer is the lights...
Both! Air conditioners however put more co2 but you only use it seasonly. But lights u use it daily so it adds up and the total of the co2 is the same as the air conditioners.
Clearly it takes more energy to run an air conditioner than a lightbulb..for the same amount of time. I am pretty sure that even though air conditioning is run less on an annual basis it uses far more electricity on average..

So I would assume that air conditioning has much more effect on CO2 production than a lightbulb..
The latter.
An A/C does.
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neither. See "Sun Spots" and "Solar Flares" if you want to see a something that causes "Global Warming."

One solar flare bombards the earth with more energy than has ever been generated by all of mankind throughout history. Yes this includes Nukes, solar flares make the biggest nuclear explosion look like a fire cracker.

The problem is people are thinking about "Global Warming" and looking at a light bulb rather than geological and astronomical events that have global impacts.

Study the ice core samples. Study the pre-historic climates...when it was 10 degrees warmer on average than it is today. Oh, and not ONE human walked the Earth then.

Study human history.when Egypt was green. England grew grapes and produced wines that rivaled the French. (they dont do that now...hmmmmmmmm)

Study the "mini ice age" that created the Dark Ages. The Earth started warming from the "Mini Ice Age" 150 years ago. Hmmmmmmm.about the same time that the "Global Warming" alarmists say that HUMANS started changing the climate.

The Earth is a complex ecosystem that floats in space in the solar system. They are linked. You can't just look at one variable and solve the equation. As self important as the Human Race thinks it is.it is NOT the cause and efffect of everything on this mudball. If we were gone tomorrow.the Earth wouldn't notice we were gone.

Read EVERYTHING.look at the DATA.don't let politicians and the news media do your homework for you.

air conditionery often draw a lot of electricity. like 1200-3000 watts, as opposed to 40-120 for a light bulb
all of it equally..we could just live in tents or caves

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