Are people evolving to better handle global warming?

Since the average temperature is steadily rising, its seems that people would steadily adapt to this change. So if thats true, then maybe handling the heat wouldn't be too much of a problem, right? Obviously it would be hard for any creature to handle an average temperature of 250 degrees but we should be fine until then, huh?

Listen, you have made grammatical errors. Let me point them out like a real @ss:

"its seems that people" should be "it seems that people"

"So if thats true" should be "So if that's true"

Aside from the obvious inconsistencies in your writing, the answer to your question is: what beavermj said.
Because humans breed slowly compared to most other creatures any meaningful evolution is likely to take quite a long time. The problem is that we don't have that long.

Also adapting to the heat is one thing, adapting to the increasingly violent and unpredictable weather, droughts, floods, rising sea levels, etc are also going to be problems.
Not if everyone is in air conditioning all the time.
It took us millions of years to get the way we are now, and you think we are going to evolve as fast as the temperature increase?! You make is sound like if I were to live in a pool my kids would have gills.
Humanity might adapt to this temperature change if we had to deal directly with the environment, but most of us do not. We live in air conditioned buildings, shaded from the sun, and so our adaptation abilities will not really be called into play.
No, I doubt humans' bodies will evolve fast enough, but I believe human technology will.
as I read on the earth is changing no matter the odds of theory is proberly it will be cold in another 20yrs from now cause of the earth changing no matter how you put it between the sun lining up on the planets or the ice age the earth is billions of yrs younger then other planets that are older

I think it helps if ppl helps to make our planet a better place
and make it green and reuse plastics and other non biodegradable material
We won't ever see that kind of temperature. Man will probably destroy himself long before that.

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