Why doesn't the United States utilize wind power?

The cost per Kilowatt hour is not competitive everywhere. There are places such regions of Minnesota where you can count on cold Arctic winds blowing during winter that have more wind powered generators than trees.
Another place that uses them are places that push wind into narrow valleys such as the Palm Springs Area of California.
In these areas the wind will turn the generators enough to make the cost of the installation worth it over the life of the machine.
I believe we do utilize wind power. I don't think it can make that much of an impact on the US energy demand, and nobody wants to build the giant windmills in their backyard. I remember Ted Kennedy adamantly opposed windmills in cape cod.
It's expensive and the wind doesn't always blow.
If you're ever in California check out the Altamont Pass on I-580. They're all over the hilltops.
There are a number of wind farms in operation in the US, and a bunch more in the works. One particularly interesting project is repurposing obsolete offshore oil drilling platforms as wind turbine stands in the Gulf of Mexico to generate power for Texas.
1. Windchargers are notoriously, and almost prohibitively expensive.
2. Although it may seem like it, the wind doesn't blow all the time everywhere. Each and every generator that supplies power to the electrical grid must be synchronized in both voltage and phase.
Same reason we don't utilize a lot of other energy surces--special interests blocking needed policy changes.

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