Algae & global warming?

would it be safe to say that algae attracts more sunlight, therefore increasing the amount of CO2 in oceans? Or does algae just grow in areas of sunlight and if there weren't any, the same amount of sunlight would hit the ocean?

algae has abosolutely nothing to do with how much sunlight hits the ocean. It can shade out lower depths of the ocean from sunlight, but it's not like the sun tries to go where algae is. Also, algae increases O2 and consumes CO2. Algae does grow in only the photic zone, which is 0-200m depth in the ocean where light penetration is sufficient for photosynthesis. Algae is also restricted by many other variables, not just light. The tropical oceans receive more light than anywhere else but algae levels are low there due to a lack of nutrients
Well I did work for NASA and some of the deep space travel was considering taking algae to recycle their air.

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