.live earth...does it help creating awareness? how can bunch of singers do it?

I don't know about the singers, but I heard that the whole thing was useless. There weren't any booths or such to talk about it to you. Brochures were handed out but they were useless also and were thrown all around all over the place. People were not throwing away their stuff. It was pretty lame and the only reason they were able to do it is because of the ex VP of USA. Otherwise these singers would have never gotten together to do this.
Fans of the artists who actually performed Saturday may indeed be temporarily jazzed in favor of environmentalism but will lose their enthusiasm at the regular concerts in the future when the subject gets back to sex, drugs and violence. And I might add, hotel room destruction.
Do you think that perhaps that someone who spends most of their time watching Mtv and pays no attention to anything else might have caught a message that they normally woud not have even viewed on Mtv or the cartoon network?

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