Buying Local or Buying Organic...which is better?

I can often find local produce and groceries - but not always local organic. And I can find organic produce and groceries - but not always grown locally.

Given the choice - which is "greener" and preferred?

When you buy local, you are not only supporting local farmers as well as your local economy, but you are also cutting out "middle men." A lot of energy is used to produce, transport, and market your groceries. If you are looking for the "greener" option, you must buy local. Also, often government regulations makes it difficult for local, small farmers to be certified "organic." Talk to the farmer and find out what kind of chemicals he is using and why. Chances are pretty good that your certified "organic" producers are using similar products. It is always best to wash your produce to remove residue whether you buy organic or local. Even if you grow your own food, you may use pesticides or fertilizers (or bird droppings for that matter) that need to be washed off before consuming. I hope this is helpful to you.
No difference.
"Greener" would be the organic.
organic is always best regardless of the means to aquire it...good day!
Organic isnt always greener...when you look at the fact that you are buying organic, but it was grown in Europe or somewhere overseas. All the fuel is being pumped into the environment to bring it over here. So I try to buy local over organic if both options arent available.
It depends upon what you mean by "greener" or "preferred"..

Health wise for your personal health organic is thought to be better because it does not contain pesticides, or use artificial fertilizers that pollute the environment..

However, if it comes from a long ways, the transportation system may cause more pollution..
A lot of local gardeners are going organic or at least not using chemicals so you can have the best of both. look around. Search for a food coop in your state.
I would say local over organic. But organic locally grown is best. Local means less fuel to transport, fresher and supporting your local economy.
Local in the environmental sense that is greener. Less fuel for transport. Organic for the personal, no pesticides. Oh what to do?
I would say local would be slightly greener, but always US grown, there is a lot of transport fuel used. Also, it would depend how much driving you must do to buy the produce.
buying local is always better for the environment, unless the farmer uses alot of chemicals to produce it, that only a few irresponsible ones do.
good growers don't use all of the crap. It can still be grown organic, but not certified to be organic, afterall there is a big fee for certification.
its best to buy at the local farmer's market so you can inquire about how it was raised from the guy who grew it.
Local is always better it may not have the organic label but that can be over rated. Look if you use nature Fertilizers manure you will still pollute the streams only now you have added Ecoli to the mix. Some normal Fertilizer can be placed in the ground when planting Veggie like beans and tomato. Make the pollution factor much lower add that they do not have to be shipped and you have a much healthier planet for you dollar.
i'm thankful you have a choice like this. look at it as either way you'll be doing something good.

organic: good for yourself and therefore good for the environment, since you're a part of it. don't forget we're all part of a system, and interrelated. somewhere, no chemicals were used to produce that product.

local: good for your environment since it supports local growers and reduces or eliminates the cost and pollution needed to get it to you. also fresher because of it, which makes it good for you!
both but if that option isnt available then i would say locally grown produce, less greenhouse gas emitted.
Here is a hint:

Over-priced local green = organic.

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