Any Tips on Keeping Cool This Summer?

How to stay cool during the days and nights of this hot summer without AC?

Don't live in Texas! LOL! Seriously, have cool drinks in the fridge such as koolaid, lemonade (sugar-free if need be); dress in light-colored and loose-fiting clothing, and take tepid showers or baths. I really like wearing powder after bathing; it helps me feel cooler. I just found some beat the heat ideas on my Real Simple website -- I've entered it below.
Buy a little pocket fan and keep it in your purse.
Use spray-on sunscreen for a cool burst that protects your skin.
Drink lots of icy water.
Use your neighbors,your communities,or your pool to keep cool and active.
stay in the house with ur fan on bring some friends over if u going out then make sure you put on some sunscreen ( you don't want to sunburned) and going to the beach would help cause the water is cool ( advice >>>>> go to a clean beach to stay clean). Hope this helps!!:D
Get a job in a ice making factory & do double shifts! with all the extra money you earn you can sit in bar with AC drinking lots of ice cold beer!!! MMmmmmmm
Wear cool and loose fitting clothes preferrably made out of a natural fabric like cotton
Keep your curtains/blinds closed on the south facing windows
If you have to walk/work in the garden then get these chores done as early as possible
drink plenty of water
Wear a hat when outdoors
Do not get sunburnt
Eat salads and keep away from spicy foods that make you feel hot
If you are off school take yourself out for the day to the library or similar so that you can read in the cool
If you are outside take plenty of shade from the trees

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